• Angel, Eiblii

Angel, Eiblii

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Product Description

Product Description

This beautiful dwarf angelfish has a pearlescent/grayish body with several orange to red vertical stripes, with the rear of the body and tail black and edged in a brilliant blue. Its highly recommended it be added to only well established aquariums containing lots of live rock that will provide it many caves and crevices to explore and/or hide in when feeling threatened.

,50 gallons,Intermediate,Semi-aggressive,With caution underfed specimens have a tendency to nip clam mantles, sea anemones, and large and smallpolyped stony (LPS/SPS) corals.,71 - 79F (22 _ 26C)., 1.020-1.026, 8.0 - 8.5,6 inches (15 cm)